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  1. High Resolution

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  2. Nice things to whisper when hugging someone


    -you smell different when you’re awake
    -please help me (then smile as if nothing happened)
    -you have lovely skin, I can’t wait to wear it
    -your hair tastes like strawberries
    -he knows, don’t go home.
    -I always knew you would die in my arms
    -every time I poop I think of you
    -no one will ever believe you
    -I killed mufasa
    -I bet you didn’t feel me lick your ear
    -mother told me it would be like this

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  3. carry-on-my-wayward-butt:




    Watchu got there


    a skull that connects to my spine hbu

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  4. explosm:

By Rob! New comics daily at! explosm:

By Rob! New comics daily at!
    High Resolution


    By Rob! New comics daily at!

  5. Women in STEM: Thwarting the Impostor Syndrome | LinkedIn


    April 16, 2014 at 12:31AM

  6. standout-fadein:

    i miss the good times.

    those joyous happy moments that i’ll never forget.

    im starting to feel nostalgia about high school ending.

    i kind of miss the people i used to hang out with. none of us are close anymore.

    i love the people i hang out with now but those old memories are all with my other friends.

    high school was really hard. 

    those people, new and old friends, made it worth it.

    thank you.

  7. High Resolution